To the senior doctors of Gailtal-Klinik - Please read this!

Justizanstalt Klagenfurt I was imprisoned for 4 months together with drug dealers, violent robbers, human traffickers, child abusers, and anything else you can think of!

I spent four months of my life with these people, who were all calling me “Bruder”, because I published a website with the evidence of the crime committed against me and my children by your Primaria Dr. Christina Hohenwarter, who has failed entirely to deal with her childhood and her relationship with her awful and evil father!

Who is the woman who wants to alienate her children from their father and even lock their father in prison as a criminal?
It is not the highly educated Christina Hohenwarter. It is her evil father behind this.

Dr. Volker TomantschgerOne of yours, Dr. Volker Tomantschger, made the mistake to confirm this in an official court record.
On April 6, 2021, my wife’s mentor, colleague, and friend Dr. Volker Tomantschger called the specialist (Sachverständige) Dr. Hannelore Legat, assigned by the court to mediate for the custody confrontation - which has caused all this disaster - to express his opinion about me! Dr. Volker Tomantschger is the only one who made the mistake to reveal the truth behind this disaster by stating the following: Court File: Psychiatrisches Sachverständigengutachten - Klagenfurt, 04-05-2021
Der Vater von Christina ist sein absolutes Feindbild. Natürlich war es auch so, dass die Eltern ihr immer wieder vermittelt haben, dass sie denken, dass diese Beziehung nicht gut ist.

I published the website to defend myself from an unprecedent character attack which started in the court of Andrea Wetschnig on January 10, 2019!

To get me out of our house on this day Dr. Christina Hohenwarter made an aggressive, dangerous, and violent man out of me for whom she had had "Todesangst".

For winning sole custody, Dr. Christina Hohenwarter and her lawyer Walter Dorn have filed at the court of Hermagor an ocean of documents that I am more aggressive, violent, and dangerous, and even a “psychisch Krank” man who wants to harm my own children and should be incarcerated in a psychiatric clinic !

Almost all of you have been guests to my house in the autumn of 2018, while my wife was living under “Psychoterror” and "Todesangst" as per her false testimony in the court of her patient Richterin Andrea Wetschnig!
I welcomed you friendly and cooked lunch for all of you. You all know me personally and one of you, I am not exactly sure who he was but I believe he was the senior doctor from Macedonia, in the autumn of 2018, he told me exactly this in the presence of my wife, when I had come to the hospital to treat my swollen finger: “Christos from the day Christina has met you, she has become a much better and happier person”.
Richterin Andrea Wetschnig

This dishonourable human you see in the picture in May 2021 filed a rejection application (Ablehnungsantrag) to Landesgericht Klagenfurt for bias (Befangenheit).

She would be admitted to Gailtal-Klinik for neurological rehabilitation after implications of a covid infection.

This unethical and dishonourable human has most probably a pre-existing neurological condition of which she was aware in January 2019.

In January 2019 this dishonourable human ignored, tolerated, and rewarded the obvious-to-the-blind perjury of Dr. Christina Hohenwarter and destroyed my life just to make sure that she would receive first-class treatment in Gailtal-Klinik.

Click here to read the decision of Landesgericht Klagenfurt which accepted the rejection request of Andrea Wetschnig
Judge Andrea Wetschnig has come to Gailtal-Klinik as a patient and all of you have had access to her medical record.
If on this record you have seen that this dishonourable human has a chronic neurological condition for which she was aware of in January 2019, your silence makes you an accomplice to an inhumane crime!
Without empathy, honour, dignity, decency, and integrity we are all animals.
I beg you to contact my lawyer Dr. Karl Heinz Kramer in Villach and tip him anonymously.
Dr. Kramer will find the legal way to obtain the medical record of this dishonourable and corrupted Judge who destroyed entirely my life, locked me in prison, and removed my little children from my life, only to advance her own welfare and well-being!
Leyna Sofia Hohenwarter Dorian Alexander Hohenwarter
Vom 20. Januar 2019 bis heute Dezember 12, 2021, habe ich meine kleinen Kinder nur 15 Stunden gesehen. Bis heute ist 1057 Tage!
Das letzte Mal, dass ich meine Kinder gesehen habe, war am 28. Dezember 2020, für nur 10 Minuten. Bis heute Dezember 12, 2021, ist es 349 Tage her!
Richterin Andrea Wetschnig Leiterin des Bezirksgerichts Hermagor ist für diese Gräueltat verantwortlich!