The downfall of a family. Arrogance, egoism, low-self-seteem, AND MORE LIES!

Once humans reach adulthood, each and everyone on this planet has the inalienable right to make whichever decision he/she wants under only one condition: nobody else is being affected by his/her decision!
If nobody else is affected, this decision is correct for the one who takes it even if the remaining of the human population on earth has a different opinion!

If, however, the life of others is being affected by his/her decision, nobody has the right to take this decision, and certainly not to enforce it, without the consent of the others.

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter

To understand the above one needs neither a university degree in medicine nor any life experience at all! Uneducated people without the slightest experience in life are capable of understanding this concept as easily as understanding that when the room is dark and you want to read, you should turn on the light!

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter, however, is a woman who wants to have everything her way, wrong or right doesn’t matter. I dealt with her character by telling her for 95% of the cases exactly this: "do whatever you want baby!"
All of our arguments were caused because she wanted to have AND ENFORCE the remaining 5% as well…
Which was the reason for our downfall as you will see with evidence below.

Dr. Volker Tomantschger. He made the mistake to say the truth in a court record!

Dr. Volker Tomantschger

On April 6, 2021, my wife’s mentor, colleague, and friend Dr. Volker Tomantschger called the specialist (Sachverständige) Dr. Hannelore Legat, assigned by the court to mediate for the custody confrontation - which has caused all this disaster, to express his opinion about me!

Dr. Volker Tomantschger, also a doctor in Gailtal-Klinik, made the “mistake” and revealed the WHOLE truth behind this disaster by making “accidentally” these two statements below that my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter had eagerly kept secret from any testimony she gave in whichever court in Kärnten.

Read below to understand not only why our family failed but also why Dr. Christina Hohenwarter didn't and doesn’t care that she locked her husband and father of her children in prison and removed from her own children their father: She cares for nothing as long as she achieves what is in her mind, wrong or right doesn’t matter:

  1. April 6, 2021, Dr. Volker Tomantschger to Dr. Hannelore Legat: File: Psychiatrisches Sachverständigengutachten - Klagenfurt, 04-05-2021
  2. Der Vater von Christina ist sein absolutes Feindbild. Natürlich war es auch so, dass die Eltern ihr immer wieder vermittelt haben, dass sie denken, dass diese Beziehung nicht gut ist.
    (This has caused the downfall of our family by a factor of 90% )

  3. Er (Dr. Volker Tomantschger) berichtet, dass tatsächlich bis Dezember (December 2016) niemand wusste in welcher Form dieses Hotel gebaut wird. Es wurde ihnen vom Bürgermeister immer wieder versichert, dass nur kleine Chalet-Häuser gebaut werden, dann ist aber tatsächlich ein "riesiges Hotel" gebaut worden. Einwände haben in Prinzip nichts genützt, da der Bürgermeister über alle drübergefahren ist. Er wurde dann ja auch aus diesem Grund abgewählt. my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter on May, 15, 2017 had sent a letter to the authorities complaining for this "riesiges Hotel"! You can read her letter here. Die Lage ist zwar nach wie vor schön, aber man muss links und rechts von diesem Hotel vorbeischauen.
    (This is the remaining 10% )
Norbert Schluga - WhatsApp message
Mr. Norbert Schluga is the co-owner of Lake Resort, the new hotel which was built at the opposite of our plot, where Richter’s Familien Ferien Dorf Pressegger See used to be before it was burnt down a few years ago.

From what Volker said is obvious that we had bought our plot (Grundstück) in Presseggersee with the risk of what would come at the opposite, where the Richter’s Familien Ferien Dorf Pressegger See used to be before it was burnt down a few years ago. We bought our plot on October 5, 2016.

Eventually, Mr. Schluga, who operates another two hotels in Pressegger See, bought the plot at the opposite, intending to build another hotel.
Since we were neighbours, we received the plans of the building with the option to complain.

On May 15, 2017, two months before we started our works for building our house, my wife asked me to send a letter to the authorities and complain about this monstrous hotel. She sent the letter to Mr. Fian in Bezirkshauptmannschaft Hermagor You can read this letter again here.

Mr. Norbert Schluga took notice of our letter and on June 6, 2017, at 18:31 he sent me this WhatsApp message you see to your left, or above if you are on a mobile device, asking me to buy our plot for parking.

Immediately, I said to my wife to sell our plot because I didn’t want to spend my life watching a monstrous building while I was in one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet!
But my wife denied to sell it and asked me to discuss it again tomorrow.
The next day June 7 at 12:45, I sent a message to Mr. Schluga trying to buy some more time to convince my wife to sell our plot.

She ignored me completely and enforced her will against mine, as she has always done throughout our life together, although herself had written the letter to the authorities complaining about this hotel.

Still, this was not the reason for our big argument on June 23, 2018, which was the beginning of the downfall of our family!

When in March 2018, we moved into our new home, I said to my wife that the plot I had found and liked in Untervellach was a paradise compared to this one.

Her answer to this comment of mine was the beginning of the downfall of our family.

This below is the view from our terrace in the "prestigious" Presseggersee 79, where my wife Primaria Dr Christina Hohenwarter insisted against my will to build our house!

“Prestigious” Presseggersee!

This below is the view from the plot I wanted to buy in the "ordinary" Untervellach!

Ordinary Untervellach!
I lost my respect and admiration for my wife and I asked her to apologise. She never apologised!.
And her denial to apologise for ignoring me completely, burying our home in the shade of this ugly building for such a trivial reason when I was telling her for two whole days that I do not want to build our house there, fed my frustration, which indeed lasted for three months!
In June the season started and the noise and bus traffic outside our doorstep made our life very uncomfortable. On June 23, 2018, the lights of the hotel and the new sign they installed on the tree flooded our home and in the middle of the night, our house was lit as we had turned on our lights. My wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter complained for this as well. You can read here the reply of Bezirkshauptmannschaft regarding her complaint.
It was late in the evening when I got frustrated. To my frustration, the infallible Dr. Christina Hohenwarter replied with this, shifting her mistake to me:

"You should have tried harder to convince me to sell the plot!"

Indeed! Two days were not enough!

This night on June 23, 2018, after saying this to me, I insulted her indeed very badly and I admitted this also in my testimony although I was not asked about it. Lying has never been part of my personality neither has been part of my personality to deny my part in an argument!

The next day I left for Greece for three weeks but when I came back I put everything behind me and decided to dedicate myself to my family.
And in August, October, and December her father destroyed our family…

Whatever you have read above, I testified it myself on January 16, 2019, in the court of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig as the reason for our troubles after seven years of a happy life! My wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter testified only ONE sentence about it, although it was the biggest argument in our marriage, far worse than any other she testified about!
She testified: "Seit März schläft mein Mann kaum noch… Themen waren die Religion, der Hausbau und der Umstand, dass ein Hotel vor unserem Haus nachdem wir es gebaut hatten aufgestellt wurde und auch daran sei ich Schuld."

This is the horrible liar! She didn’t know anything about this hotel, which was built after we built our house and it was also not her fault.
She had sent herself a letter to the authorities and complained about this hotel two whole months before we had even started building our house!
She lied huge and unethically! Imagine the rest of her testimony, her horrible lies with which she destroyed my life entirely!

This is the woman who destroyed my life entirely, locked me in prison, removed my children from my life, and caused the death of my mother.
Until June 25, 2021, the day I was arrested, I was calling my mother almost every day but from prison I could not call her anymore. My mother worried about me and on July 8, 2021, my sister told her that I was arrested and imprisoned. She cried for about half an hour and died from a heart attack!