Google Update April 4, 2022 - May 5, 2022

Google Don't Be Evil

Walter Dorn, the lawyer of unfortunately still my wife Primaria Dr Christina Hohenwarter, has filed a lawsuit against Google because Google had refused to remove this website from its search results.

But not anymore!!

On this website, I report the crime that has been committed against me and my children in the name of The Austrian Republic.

But Google was founded on the principle "Don't be evil" and initially refused to remove my website from its search results in Austria. But Walter Dorn, the lawyer of my wife Primaria in Gailtal-Klinik Dr Christina Hohenwarter filed a lawsuit against Google and Google was eventually bullied and removed my website from its search results in Austria.

The evil, as you will see with evidence on this website, has won!

I’d written an open letter to Google not to remove my website from their search results in Austria..

This below was the open letter to Google

This webpage is an open letter addressed to Google.
I’m fighting for my life and the life of my children against State Injustice. Everything you will read here below, and throughout this website, is proven with evidence!

It's my right to resist State Injustice

The Austrian Republic has removed my children from my life.

The reason? My wife is Director of a State Hospital, her father a “Hofrat” and I’m an unemployed foreigner who was taking for years care of our house and our children. Foreigner in German is "Ausländer", a derogatory and denigratory word in the fascist and racist Carinthia!

The fascism and racism in Carinthia is an established reality, extensively and comprehensively documented.

When All Else Fails

The Ethics of Resistance to State Injustice

Professor Jason Brennan, Princeton University Press

Click here for the book

Google Don't Be Evil

On this website, – replacement of the original website, I report a crime that has been committed against me and my children in the name of The Austrian Republic by Judge Andrea Wetschnig, Head of the District Court of Hermagor.

From January 4, 2019, until June 17, 2021, when the Regional Court of Klagenfurt legally found Judge Andrea Wetschnig to be biased, Andrea Wetschnig was acting on behalf of my wife, knowing that one day she'd become my wife's patient in Gailtal-Klinik, a neurological rehabilitation hospital in Hermagor where my wife and plaintiff, Primaria Dr Christina Hohenwarter, is the Director. (Gailtal-Klinik, Radniger Str. 12, 9620 Hermagor, Austria -

Click here to download the decision of Regional Court of Klagenfurt with which Andrea Wetschnig was found biased.

In September 2020, I’d filed myself to the Regional Court of Klagenfurt a rejection request for bias against Andrea Wetschnig. The same Judges who approved the rejection of Andrea Wetschnig in June 2021, denied my request in September 2020. Click here to download the decision of the same Judges in September 2020 with which they denied my request for the rejection of this dishonourable Judge Andrea Wetschnig.

Prison yard in Klagenfurt

A week after the decision of the Regional Court of Klagenfurt to exclude Andrea Wetschnig from presiding any case between me and my wife, I was arrested and imprisoned in Klagenfurt’s jail because I had refused to obey the injunction issued on April 9, 2021 by Andrea Wetschnig ordering me to remove the original website from the Internet.

Click here to download the injuction issued on April 9, 2021, by Andrea Wetschnig to remove the website.

The original content of is included in this website and can be accessed with this link: Original Website

About a month or two later, Andrea Wetschnig checked into Gailtal-Klinik for a four-week neurological rehabilitation because of a covid infection, as she claimed in her own request to be excluded from any case between me and my wife. (see court’s decision).

On September 23, 2021, after checking out of Gailtal-Klinik, Andrea Wetschnig left her office for six months until March 31, 2022. A covid infection neither justifies four weeks of neurological rehabilitation nor six months of leave. She’s most probably having a pre-existing neurological condition of which she was aware in January 2019 and deteriorated with the covid infection.

On December 20, 2021, I sent to the court of Hermagor an email and I received an auto reply informing the sender that Andrea Wetschnig is on six months' leave. See here the auto-reply

I published the website to defend myself from losing my children and my children from losing their father. I presented on my website the evidence of my wife’s perjury in the court of Andrea Wetschnig, who ignored all of it, and also the assistance Judge Andrea Wetschnig provided to my wife to alienate my children from me.


Because of this dishonourable Judge Andrea Wetschnig from January 20, 2019, until December 28, 2020 - this is two years - I met my children for only 15 hours and ONLY under unlawful supervision!

From this day on December 28, 2020, until today , I have neither seen my little beloved children, nor spoken to, nor have I any contact with them.

Walter Dorn

This man in the picture is my wife’s lawyer Walter Dorn. He gets paid to lie and deceive in courtrooms.

Dorn contacted Google and tried repeatedly to have this website removed from Google’s search results, however, in vain. Google refused to remove it. He'd tried also several times to remove this website by contacting directly my Hosting Providers!

In a document that Dorn filed in the court of Hermagor on April 4, 2022 – that is three and a half years after my wife filed for divorce – Dorn announced that he filed a lawsuit against Google.

Click here to download the whole document and read it carefully because this FULL-OF-LIES document is proof of the crime committed against me and my children.

His lawsuit against Google is the last paragraph on page 5 of 10.

The crime committed against me and my children is not proven by my claims but by official documents of:

  1. Hermagor’s police – December 28, 2018
  2. My wife’s testimony – January 10, 2019, under oath in the court of Judge Andrea Wetschnig in Hermagor.
  3. In all dozens of documents that Walter Dorn has filed in court. This last one on April 4, 2022, will do enough for the proof.
  4. Richterin Andrea WetschnigAnd finally in Judge Andrea Wetschnig’s injunction on January 28, 2019, with which I’ve lost everything in my life, my beloved children above all.

    Andrea Wetschnig WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, INDICATION OF AN EVIDENCE, AND AGAINST ALL EVIDENCE OF MY WIFE’S PERJURY, threw me out of our house that took me a year and a half effort to build, labelling me as a “dangerous”, “aggressive”, and “violent” man, grounding her decision ONLY on the false word of a prominent Austrian against the with-evidence word of a foreigner, an Ausländer.

    No evidence whatsoever to support my wife’s severe accusations, other than the word of a prominent member of the local society against the word of a foreigner. Foreigner in German is ‘Ausländer’ and in the fascist and racist society of Carinthia, this word is used derogatorily. My wife is Austrian medical doctor and Director of Gailtal-Klinik while I was a houseman “Ausländer”.

    Why did Andrea Wetschnig do this?

    Because on January 10, 2019, Andrea Wetschnig knew that one day she'd become the patient of my wife in Gailtal-Klinik.
    This day came in April 2021 and the Regional Court of Klagenfurt found Andrea Wetschnig biased and excluded her from presiding any case between me and my wife from any court. But she'd already destroyed my life!


  1. October 2018. My wife Primaria Dr Christina Hohenwarter announced to me that she wants to divorce me. The reason? Because for once again, I confronted her father who against OUR will and not only mine, he was teaching our children that Jesus brings dead people back to life. She testified this herself!
    Evidence for this: My wife’s testimony page 11 of 12, Andrea Wetschnig’s decision page 4 of 12, last paragraph.
    My wife is in a seriously unhealthy relationship with her father Hans Hohenwarter, something I've proven with beyond-doubt-evidence on this webpage: November 2018 story!
    This story is not needed for proving my case but if you do not understand the unhealthy relationship of my wife with her father, there is no way to ever understand why my wife destroyed her family. I still have trouble believing it let alone understanding it! In this section are also the videos and text messages I’ve used and for which I was imprisoned in Klagenfurt’s jail.
    Her father, Hans Hohenwarter, is a conservative and puritan man who's destroyed the life of his own son because he didn’t want to have a homosexual son!

  2. On November 8, 2018, her lawyer filed officially for divorce BUT on December 19, my wife, also officially, cancelled the divorce proceedings.

    Actually, already on November 20, she'd sent me a hangout text message that she didn’t want to divorce me!

    And a week later she texted me that I’m the most important person in her life.

    Evidence for this: Andrea Wetschnig’s decision of January 28, 2019, the same page and paragraph as previously. (page 4 of 12)

  3. On December 28, 2018, after yet another religious dispute – my wife Dr Christina Hohenwarter is an atheist as I am but her father is an active member of the local Evangelical Church in his village – my wife’s father advised my wife in a telephone conversation in front of me to call the police on me in front of the eyes of our children.
    My wife Dr Christina Hohenwarter called the police because she always does what her father dictates her but when the police arrived they had to give them an explanation for the reason they called them.
    Evidence for this: The police report of December 28, 2018. Click here to download the whole police report.

  4. What did she report to the police?

    1. I was allegedly “aggressive” to her and her friend Daniela Schnabl five months earlier on August 2, 2018

    2. She had “a serious fear” that I’d kidnap our children to Greece. (in front of her eyes!)

    3. She was living under psycho terror and aggression since August. (but astoundingly in November she paid € 1200 to her lawyer to file for divorce and a month later she cancelled it, obviously enjoying living under psycho terror and aggression! It makes sense, does it not?)
      All videos, pictures, and private text messages I’ve exchanged with my wife Dr Christina Hohenwarter during this period of “terror”, prove beyond doubt that she was living happily and in harmony with me and our children. For these videos I published to defend myself, I was locked like a criminal in prison!

  5. On December 28, 2018, the police placed an injunction on me (Betretungsverbot) and removed me from OUR house. Obviously, it was a rational reason for the police to throw me out of our house because I was allegedly “aggressive” to my wife 5 months earlier and that I’d kidnap our children in front of her eyes ALTHOUGH MY WIFE WAS READY THIS MORNING TO LEAVE ME ALONE WITH OUR CHILDREN FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS AND GO WITH HER MOTHER TO THE WELLNESS RESORT “TUFFBAD” UP TO THE MOUNTAINS!

    Evidence that she would go with her mother this morning to Tuffbad and leave me alone with the children for two whole days: Andrea Wetschnig’s decision of January 28, 2019 page 7 of 12, my wife's testimony page also 7 of 12 second paragraph.

    She testified herself that she'd go away with her mother for two days and leave me alone with our children at home this morning!

    How is it possible to have a fear that I’d kidnap our children YET leave me alone with them for TWO WHOLE DAYS?

    Even if I wanted to kidnap our children, I’d have waited until she was with her mother up to the mountains and then I’d walk with our children to Greece rather than driving.

    It was a bad lie because at that time she couldn’t devise a better one.

    Even Andrea Wetschnig who accepted as truth every other impossible my wife testified, she dismissed this “claim” as unreal: page 7 of Andrea Wetschnig’s decision – last sentence of the third paragraph.

    Would a retarded penguin ever believe that my wife Dr Christina Hohenwarter had a real fear that I’d kidnap our children to Greece (in front of her eyes) while she was ready to leave me alone with our children for two whole days?


  6. It's obvious to the blind that my wife Primaria Dr Christina Hohenwarter had to give a reason for calling the police but she had no time to think of a good lie and her lie was irrational even for a retarded penguin.

    And for this reason, a decent man, obviously not a fascist, Mag. Patrik Zenaty from Bezirkshauptmannschaft Hermagor TWO DAYS LATER LIFTED THE INJUNCTION (Betretungsverbot) which was placed by the police on me.
    And I returned to my house.

  7. On January 4, 2019, my wife, a marionette of her father, filed for a new injunction (Betretungsverbot) in the court of her future patient in Gailtal-Klinik Judge Andrea Wetschnig.

  8. On the same day January 4, 2019, Judge Andrea Wetschnig sent an email to Mag. Patrik Zenaty asking him why he lifted the Betretungsverbot. Mag. Patrik Zenaty replied to Andrea Wetschnig sending her also the police report that Andrea Wetschnig had requested.

    Click here to read his email to Andrea Wetschnig.
    The email of Andrea Wetschnig to Mag. Patrik Zenaty is below his reply.

    Therefore Andrea Wetschnig KNEW the nonsense my wife Primaria Dr Christina Hohenwarter had testified to the police on December 28, 2018.

    But Andrea Wetschnig also knew that one day she'd become the patient of my wife in Gailtal-Klinik!

  9. In no time Andrea Wetschnig arranged for January 10, 2019 (just 6 days later) a hearing where my wife would testify in my absence! (So to lie better without me there to object!) I gave my testimony on January 16.

    For my petition for alimony, Andrea Wetschnig did nothing for years and still nothing has been decided about my petition three and a half years later. In the meanwhile, I live in total poverty having no money to even eat properly (I have lost 15 kilos in the last three and a half years - I’m 187 cm and 77 kilos!) and had no money to pay for heating throughout one of the coldest winters here in Athens (winter 2021-2022), sleeping with my clothes, my jacket included.

  10. On December 28, 2018, my wife had neither the time nor professional advice to devise better lies than those she reported to the police. She got professional advice from her lawyer who told her that the terror must be AFTER DECEMBER 19, the day she cancelled the divorce. And not only terror and aggression but fear of her life, in German "Todesangst", because only with fear for her life I could legally be removed from OUR house.

  11. What did my wife testified on January 10, 2019, in my absence?
    Fear of her life - "Todesangst" on December 24, psychological "terror", harassment and intimidation on December 26, more terror on December 27, and again fear for her life - "Todesangst" on December 28, five minutes before she called the police on me!!!!! On December 25, she had a night shift in the hospital and she saved her life from the monster – that’s me.

    Here below are Walter Dorn’s “professional lies” as written in his last document filed in court on April 4 2022, all of which summarise the honour, decency, integrity, and morality of a woman who is in a sick relationship with her evil father and I, unfortunately, married:

    Während der Feiertage im Dezember 2018 kam es zu einer weiteren schrecklichen Eskalation der Situation, verursacht und verschuldet durch den Kläger. Er setzte körperliche und massive psychische Übergriffe auf und gegen die Beklagte und ihre Kinder und erfolgte eine Wegweisung durch die Sicherheitspolizei und wurde eine einstweilige Verfügung gemäß § 382b EO gegen den Kläger erlassen, die nach wie vor rechtskräftig aufrecht ist. Die Klägerin hatte aufgrund des Verhaltens des Klägers Todesangst.

    How many lies could a retarded penguin count in only one sentence?
    Andrea Wetschnig counted NONE in the 12 pages of the same lies my wife testified in her court on January 10, 2019!

    1. Nothing of all this ugliness has been reported to the police on December 28!!
      Did my wife, Dr Christina Hohenwarter, think that it was more important to report to the police that I was aggressive to her and her friend 5 months earlier and that I’d kidnap our children while she was ready to leave to the mountains and leave me alone with them for two whole days OR NOTHNG OF WHAT SHE TESTIFIED IN COURT HAD EVER HAPPENED?

      Even Andrea Wetschnig in her decision of January 28, 2019, didn’t believe that I’d kidnap our children to Greece. She wrote this on page 7 of 12 – end of the third paragraph. Andrea Wetschnig who “believed” every other impossible my wife testified, gibberish nonsense that would provoke the intelligence of a retarded penguin.

    2. All “terror”, “aggression”, and of course “fear of death” ("Todesangst"), had miraculously moved in the period after December 19 when my wife cancelled her divorce application.

    3. Andrea Wetschnig knew all about it because she was the Judge who would preside over the already scheduled hearing for the divorce my wife filed on November 8, 2018. Click here to read the summons Andrea Wetschnig sent me for the hearing on November 9, 2018. This was the divorce application my wife cancelled on December 19, 2018.

    4. In court on January 10, 2019, my wife testified that on this morning on December 28, I had concerned her in our bathroom and assaulted her with such aggression that she'd feared for her life – "Todesangst" in German. (Page 7 of her testimony)

    5. Five minutes after this "death event", my wife called the police and ten minutes later that the police arrived, SHE “FORGOT” THAT I HAD AGGRESSIVELY ATTACKED HER IN THE BATHROOM TEN MINUTES EARLIER AND SHE'D FEARED FOR HER LIFE and reported nonsense!

      This nonsense she reported was also the reason that Mag. Patrik Zenaty lifted the injunction (Betretungsverbot) that the police placed on me on December 28, 2018!

    6. This unethical and huge lie in Walter Dorn's document of April 4, 2022, that I had physically and mentally abused our children, is a new one! This lie would have been far too unethical even for my wife and this is the reason she didn’t testify something like this on January 10, 2019.
      But who cares? Walter Dorn says and writes whatever he wants and while he gets away with it, I go to prison.

    7. Walter Dorn writes in this document of April 2022, that after all this ugliness “erfolgte eine Wegweisung durch die Sicherheitspolizei”.
      Walter Dorn has absolutely no hesitation to lie about facts that are established realities. The “Wegweisung durch die Sicherheitspolizei”, which was lifted two days later, was because his client didn’t lie to the police as good as she lied in court on January 10, 2019!

      On April 28, 2022, I sent an email to Mag. Patrik Zenaty, the man who lifted the injunction placed on me by the police on December 28, 2018, and asked him to come and testify in court. Click here to read my email

    8. Die Klägerin hatte aufgrund des Verhaltens des Klägers Todesangst.” Again and again this lie and the Austrian Authorities have yet to ask my wife why she didn’t report this to the police who arrived at the scene ten minutes later.

  12. "Todesangst", December 24, 2018.
    This is what my wife testified in court on January 10, 2019, that happened in our house on December 24:

    Page 3 of her testimony

    "Ich bin aber im ersten Stock geblieben und habe mich nicht hinunter getraut, weil ich gedacht habe es würde was passieren. Da habe ich ""Todesangst"" gehabt."

    She feared for her life while I was on the ground floor and she on the first floor. Great! Next day December 25, she was calling me but I wasn't answering her calls and therefore she sent me text messages: hangout message at 13:53

    To be sure I received her message, she copied and pasted it and two hours later she sent it also with SMS. And in the evening she wished me to “Schlaf gut” (sleep well).

    But the day before she'd feared for her life because of her “aggressive” and “violent” husband.

    Andrea Wetschnig KNEW about these messages that my wife was sending me throughout December 25! These messages are part of the court file.

    1. Would a retarded penguin believe that this woman had had fear for her life the day before?
    2. Is Andrea Wetschnig a retarded penguin or was biased – taking everything else (and more to come) under consideration?
  13. An unfalsifiable claim is a claim that cannot be proven false (or true).

    All but two claims in my wife's testimony were unfalsifiable, however, highly contradicting as you may have confirmed yourselves. If certainty that she lied cannot be inferred, the doubt that she said the truth is more than reasonable.

    But my wife, the Director of Gailtal-Klinik, didn’t hesitate to lie even when she knew that evidence existed proving her claims as false. The only two falsifiable claims in her testimony are confirmed lies and additionally, both were entirely unimportant for an injunction against me. Yet she lied!

    Here is the one about Paartherapeutin Dr. Bendele and here is the other about Lake Resort Hotel.

    Andrea Wetschnig knew that both under oath statements of my wife were lies. There are hundreds of people in Hermagor – Andrea Wetschnig included, the whole police department of Hermagor, the Major of Hermagor, the District Authorities where my wife complained about the Lake Resort Hotel, and dozens of pictures, videos, and text-messages that prove her statement false. Yet she lied!

    She lied for issues entirely unimportant for an injunction, while she knew that a ton of evidence exists against these lies.

    Which begs the question for any healthy thinking person: how likely is it that this woman testified the truth for unfalsifiable events where no evidence and witnesses exist and are hugely important for an injunction?

    Judge Andrea Wetschnig and the Austrian Authorities have never bothered to ask this question and destroyed my life without any evidence, indications of an evidence, despite the evidence against her falsifiable claims, and above all despite the immense contradictions of her unfalsifiable claims.

  14. Sole Custody

    My wife demanded from the very beginning of January 2019 that I grant her sole custody of our children.

    I refused and she used my love for my children to achieve her objective. She forced me against the law to see my children very rarely and only under supervision or NOT AT ALL. The law in Austria requires a court order for a parent to see his children under supervision.
    The law is § 111 AußStrG and you can read it on this link. It's the official website of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice

    Andrea Wetschnig allowed my wife to force me to see my children under unlawful supervision throughout the year 2020.

    Evidence: the letter Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Office) sent to Andrea Wetschnig in October 2020.
    Click her to download it.

    This text is from the letter of Jugendamt to Andrea Wetschnig in October 2020: "Der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe sind aktuell keine Gründe bekannt, die künftig eine Begleitung der Kontakte rechtfertigen würden"

    The detailed story can be read by following this link

    1. On July 7, 2020, I filed in the court of Andrea Wetschnig a petition regarding my right to contact my children. Andrea Wetschnig ignored it.

    2. On August 4, 2020, in the context of “Amtstag” (every Tuesday is an Office Day in Hermagor’s court, open to citizens) I visited Andrea Wetschnig telling her that my wife doesn’t allow me to see my children even under the unlawful supervision. Andrea Wetschnig did nothing.

    3. On August 17, 2020, the lawyer of my wife sent a letter to my ex-lawyer Dr. Mödritscher (all lawyers I’ve had so far and even today are pro bono) telling him that if I want to see my children, I have to pay myself the expenses of the supervisor – € 94 per hour. Click here to read his letter

    4. The next day August 18, was again a Tuesday and I went again to visit Andrea Wetschnig in Hermagor. I told her that not only do they force me to see my children once every two months and under unlawful supervision but they demand that I have to pay the expenses, while I have no money to eat. Andrea Wetschnig did nothing, exactly as she'd done nothing with my petition for alimony.

    5. I left Andrea Wetschnig’s office and I went to Gailtal-Klinik to see my wife. It was the first time I sought to see my wife and be anywhere close to her since our separation a year and a half earlier. She called the police on this day, following the advice of her lawyer to call the police every time she sees me, and for this one time I went close to her, she filed charges against me for stalking. In the charges filed against me, it's written that only this time I sought to be near her! It's the case 18Hv 50/21t in Regional Court of Klagenfurt with which I was imprisoned like a criminal for four months.

    6. On September 4, 2020, I’ve sent a frustrated email to the Judge, my wife, the police, and more people in Hermagor. Click here to read this email. The reaction of my wife’s lawyer to this email was to file a petition in court asking Andrea Wetschnig to protect my wife’s children from their father, who is a mentally ill man and needs therapy, cure, and incarceration in a psychiatric clinic!

      This letter from my wife’s lawyer was the reason that on January 8, 2021, Andrea Wetschnig decided, officially this time, that I should be seeing my children under supervision!

    7. Three days after sending this email, on September 7, 2020, I saw again my children for just two hours, after more than two months, and I paid € 188,00 to see them. It was the third time I’ve seen them in almost two years, altogether 6 hours on this date. I’ve seen them for another 9 hours until December 28, 2020. Since December 28, 2020, I haven’t seen, spoken to, or had any contact with my children.

  15. Injunction for the website and imprisonment.

    1. On September 17, 2020, I filed a petition requesting the exclusion of Andrea Wetschnig from any case between me and my wife. The same Judges in the Regional Court of Klagenfurt who found Andrea Wetschnig biased - Andrea Wetschnig herself had filed the bias request after she'd arranged the rehabilitation in Gailtal-Klinik - dismissed my petition as ungrounded. Follow this link to download the decision of the same Judges.

    2. On January 8, 2021, a hearing for divorce, custody, and alimony was scheduled in the court of Hermagor. For once again, Andrea Wetschnig decided nothing for my petition for alimony. Instead, she took the decision – the only one decision she took in exactly two years' proceedings – that I should be seeing my children under supervision. I denied and I told her in her court that I rather go to jail than meet my children under supervision. She wrote my reaction to the protocol of the hearing. Follow this link to read it. Last paragraph second page.

    3. On March 29, 2021, I published the website by sending an email to Andrea Wetschnig, the police of Hermagor and Gailtal, Judges in Klagenfurt, the media, politicians, and everyone else I could think of. Click here to read it

    4. Only ten days later, on April 9, 2021, Andrea Wetschnig issued an injunction to remove the website and arranged a hearing for May 20, 2021, for the civil charges my wife placed against me for publishing private videos, text messages, and pictures of her without her permission. IN JUST TEN DAYS! You’ve already downloaded her injunction. Follow this link to see the summons for the hearing on May 20, 2021, issued by Andrea Wetschnig within just ten days.

    5. I didn’t want to go to jail and I removed the website from the Internet.

    6. But on June 10, 2021, my lawyer Dr. Karl Heinz Kramer (also a pro bono lawyer who does nothing) sent me a letter informing me that Andrea Wetschnig had arranged four weeks of neurological rehabilitation in Gailtal-Klinik where my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter is the Primaria of the clinic and will lead the medical team that will treat Andrea Wetschnig!

      Click here to read his letter.

    7. When I read the letter of my lawyer, immediately I put the website back online, caring not whether I would go to hell, let alone in prison!

    8. On June 25, 2021, I was arrested and brought to Klagenfurt’s prison.

    9. The whole story of how I ended up in prison, can be read in this part of my website – also with evidence of this crime against me by The Austrian Republic! 4 Months in Prison

Leyna Sofia Hohenwarter Dorian Alexander Hohenwarter
From January 20, 2019, until today , I’ve seen my children for only 15 hours! This is 1057 days!
The last time I’ve seen my children was on December 28, 2020, for only 10 minutes. Until today , is days!
Judge Andrea Wetschnig Leiterin des Bezirksgerichts Hermagor ist für diese Gräueltat verantwortlich!

I’m asking you to assist me in my quest not to lose my children from my life.

I’m asking you to assist me in my quest for justice and above all to resist STATE INJUSTICE.

I’m asking you not to remove this website from Google's search results!

  1. Internet is the third and last revolution of humanity.

  1. The agricultural revolution twelve thousand years ago forced people to live together, freed them from the need to be hunters and gatherers, and allowed intelligent people to live together thinking and exchanging ideas rather than looking for food the whole day.

  2. The invention of printing was the second revolution which spread with books the knowledge the ancient world had accumulated because of the agricultural revolution.
    Both the scientific and industrial revolutions were nothing else than an effect and result of the knowledge that was spread through books and reached intelligent people like Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Nicolaus Copernicus and others who otherwise would have become clever peasants like every other genius and intelligent person before them. Genius people were not extinct the millennia before Galileo. They were just living isolated from any source of knowledge shoved into the darkness that Christianity caused and enforced on human societies.

  3. Internet is the third and last revolution because nothing else can spread knowledge better. And knowledge is the ONLY force that drives everything in human societies.

  4. But besides spreading knowledge and therefore advancing science, the Internet will also advance societies because we all have now the ability to exchange our ideas no matter where on earth we are and above all to resist and expose STATE INJUSTICE and practices that for millennia have held human societies from advancing.

Google is the Internet and the Internet is freedom of speech, a medium to resist STATE INJUSTICE, the only tool we’ve ever had, and will ever have, to shape better societies. Science has put man on the moon and societies are still hounding witches.

I beg you to assist me in my quest not to lose my children from my life.

I beg you to assist me in my quest for justice and above all to resist STATE INJUSTICE.

I’m asking you not to remove this website from Google's search results!

Christos Nanouris