Leyna Sofia Hohenwarter Dorian Alexander Hohenwarter
Vom 20. Januar 2019 bis heute Dezember 12, 2021, habe ich meine kleinen Kinder nur 15 Stunden gesehen. Bis heute ist 1057 Tage!
Das letzte Mal, dass ich meine Kinder gesehen habe, war am 28. Dezember 2020, für nur 10 Minuten. Bis heute Dezember 12, 2021, ist es 349 Tage her!
Richterin Andrea Wetschnig Leiterin des Bezirksgerichts Hermagor ist für diese Gräueltat verantwortlich!
Richterin Andrea Wetschnig

To understand this website and the crime Richterin Andrea Wetschnig has committed against me and my children, you need to know that Richterin Andrea Wetschnig has most probably a neurological condition and in January 2019, knew already that one day she would be admitted for neurological rehabilitation in Gailtal-Klinik where my wife Christina Hohenwarter, and plaintiff in her court in January 2019, was an Oberärztin.

At the time Andrea Wetschnig was eventually admitted for neurological rehabilitation in Gailtal-Klinik, in the summer of 2021, my wife and plaintiff had become the Primaria of Gailtal-Klinik.

That Dr. Christina Hohenwarter would become the Primaria of Gailtal-Klinik, is something I knew already from July 2018, when we were still together!

Click here to read the decision of Landesgericht Klagenfurt which accepted the rejection request of Andrea Wetschnig

Introduction to the crime of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig

Hans Hohenwarter
He is the worst and evilest person I have ever met in my life!

This man you see in the picture is the father of my still wife Christina Hohenwarter. There is for me no way to prove that before I had even met him, my wife in 2011 had told me exactly this, among many more: “my father has never liked any of my men in my life”

But I can prove it indirectly in three ways:

  1. what my wife’s mentor, colleague, and friend Dr. Volker Tomantschger said on April 6, 2021, to the specialist (Sachverständige) Dr. Hannelore Legat assigned by the court to mediate for the custody – it is an official court record.

  2. a message my wife had sent me on August 2, 2018, the first time she wanted to divorce me because we had had a confrontation AGAIN because of her father. And then you have to think for yourself why a highly educated woman, Oberärztin and now Primaria in Gailtal-Klinik Christina Hohenwarter, has put the father of her children in prison and removed from the lives of her children the father who raised them, something that only a person can do, who has no idea what love is all about, and cares only for himself. Like Hans Hohenwarter, who destroyed the life of his son Hannes Hohenwarter because this evil man did not want to have a homosexual son!

  3. Lastly click here to read this "November 2018 story" and you will be convinced WITH EVIDENCE!

The crime of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig
Part 1 - Before the testimony of my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter on January 10, 2019.

Richterin Andrea Wetschnig

As you have read in "November 2018 story" my wife Christina Hohenwarter on December 28, 2018, after advice of her father, called the police on me in front of our children in the kindergarten of Pressegger See.

what she testified to the police on this morning.

She also said that I wanted to kidnap the children to Greece but nobody has ever believed this lie, including Richterin Andrea Wetschnig who accepted as reality every other impossible my wife testified.

Page 7, court case 1 C 2/19m - Court of Hermagor:

with which Andrea Wetschnig dismisses the lie of my wife.

The police, however, placed a Betretungsverbot on this morning to me. An Oberärztin and her Hofrat father against an Ausländer. The policemen took my children from my hands and they threw me out of our house.

But Mag. Patrick Zenaty from Bezirkshauptmannschaft Hermagor two days later lifted (aufgehoben) the Betretungsverbot because you cannot throw a man out of his house on December 28, because he was allegedly "aggressive" to his wife 5 months earlier. And he also did not believe that I would kidnap our children!

On the same day January 4, 2019, Richterin Andrea Wetschnig sent an email to Mag. Patrik Zenaty asking him why he lifted the Betretungsverbot.

Mag. Patrik Zenaty replied immediately to Richterin Andrea Wetschnig, sending her also the police report with the nonsense my wife reported to them.

Click here to read his email to Andrea Wetschnig.
The email of Andrea Wetschnig to Mag. Patrik Zenaty is below his reply.

Six days later on January 10, 2019, my wife Christina Hohenwarter walked into the courtroom of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig to give her testimony supporting her request for a new Betretungsverbot. I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BE THERE ON THIS DAY TO DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST THE LIES OF DR. CHRISTINA HOHENWARTER
Neither have I ever been allowed, as of today , to defend myself against these, and many more later, false accusations of my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter in a court of law and in front of a Judge.

Before Andrea Wetschnig met my wife on January 10, this dishonourable and corrupted Judge KNEW THE FOLLOWING:

(besides that she also knew that one day she would become the patient of my wife in Gailtal-Klinik!)

  1. My wife had filed in her court for divorce on November 9, 2018. (I’ve had a confrontation with her father! My wife testified this in the court of Andrea Wetschnig on January 10)
    Click here to read the summons (Ladung) Richterin Andrea Wetschnig SENT TO ME IN NOVEMBER 2018.

  2. My wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter HAD CANCELLED HER DIVORCE APPLICATION on December 19, 2018, nine days before she called the police on me on December 28. I have no official document to prove this but Andrea Wetschnig wrote it on page 4 of her decision.

  3. From the email Mag. Patrik Zenaty had sent her on January 4, Richterin Andrea Wetschnig KNEW WHY MY WIFE DR. CHRISTINA HOHENWARTER HAD CALLED THE POLICE ON THE MORNING OF DECEMBER 28, 2018!

The crime of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig
Part 2 - The testimony of my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter on January 10, 2019 in her court.

The newly built house in Presseggersee 79, which took me a year and a half of stress and effort to build for my family, belongs 50% to my wife and 50% to me.

You cannot be thrown out of your house because your wife wants a divorce!

But you can be thrown out of your house if you are a dangerous, aggressive, and violent man for whom your wife has fear for her life, "Todesangst"

Birth of a monster
"And this violent and etc person must exist after December 19, 2018 when my wife cancelled the divorce application.
Before December 19, 2018, according to the law and common sense of penguins, it wouldn’t matter even if on December 18, I had beaten her so badly that she had to be admitted to the hospital.

Guess what happened on January 10, 2019, in the court of Dishonourable Andrea Wetschnig?

Do you remember why my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter had called the police on me on December 28, 2018 and in FRONT OF OUR CHILDREN?

She was living from August to December 28, 2018, five whole months immer wieder under ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror" BUT ON DECEMBER 19 SHE CANCELLED THE DIVORCE APPLICATION SHE HAD FILED ON NOVEMBER 8!!!!!! She is either entirely stupid or she lies heavily.

In November 2018, Dr. Christina Hohenwarter filed for divorce because I opposed her father. She testified this herself on January 10!

And the reason she called the police was because five months earlier, in August, I was allegedly "aggressive" to her and her friend Daniela Schnabl.

This below is what my wife testified on January 10, 2019, to Andrea Wetschnig that happened in our bathroom five (5) minutes before she called the police and about ten (10) minutes before the police arrived.

Page 7 court case file 1 C 2/19m BEZIRKSGERICHT HERMAGOR:

Dann ist es wieder weitergegangen. Im ersten Stock im Badezimmer ist es zu körperlichen Übergriffen gekommen. Er hat mich im Badezimmer in die Ecke gedrängt, hat meinen Kopf genommen, das war während den Diskussionen, mit beiden Händen hat er meinen Kopf gehalten. Er hat mich zwischendurch auch gegen meinen Willen geküsst. Als mein Mann mich am Kopf im Badezimmer gefasst hatte, hatte ich Todesangst
  1. The crime of Andrea Wetschnig, the patient of my Primaria in Gailtal-Klinik wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter:
  2. Andrea Wetschnig KNEW that my wife had called the police because I would kidnap our children to Greece, something that nobody has ever taken seriously INCLUDING HERSELF, and not because I had assaulted her in our bathroom and she had "Todesangst" five minutes before she placed the call, as my wife lied in her court!

    what Andrea Wetschnig thought about kidnapping our children to Greece!

  3. Andrea Wetschnig KNEW that my wife called the police because I was allegedly “aggressive” to her and her friend five months earlier and not because I had assaulted her in our bathroom and she had "Todesangst" five minutes before she placed the call, as my wife lied in her court!

  4. Andrea Wetschnig KNEW that on December 19, 2018, my wife had officially cancelled her divorce application filed in her court in November and therefore it was impossible to have lived with this "monster" under “Psychoterror” & "Todesangst" since August 2018!
  5. But Andrea Wetschnig ALSO KNEW that one day she would be admitted to Gailtal-Klinik, where my wife was an Oberärztin and today the Primaria, for neurological rehabilitation.
    She was admitted for a four weeks neurological rehabilitation in the summer of 2021!
Dr. Christina Hohenwarter - Sms messages
On Christmas eve December 24 – that is just five days after she cancelled the divorce proceedings on December 19 - we had had an argument at home.

Read the SMS message you see on your left – or above if you view this with your mobile phone – which she sent me the day after on December 25!
And see also her SMS at 21:12 "Schlaf gut".

In this message you also see a message I had sent to my wife days earlier informing her about an upcoming appointment with Dr. Jutta Menschik! Remember it because it is important for the biggest lie ever said in a court of law! It must be the biggest because Dr. Christina Hohenwarter knew I had evidence against her lie but she did not care! Andrea Wetschnig was not there for justice and my wife knew it! You will read it below!

This SMS she sent me at 15:35 was actually a copy and paste of the same message she sent me earlier with the hangouts text app of Google – which was the app we used mostly.

And she sent it again two and a half hours later to be sure I received it.
And in the evening she texted me wishing me to “Schlaf gut”.

This below is what my wife testified on January 10, 2019, to Andrea Wetschnig that happened the day before these messages on December 24.

Page 3 court case file 1 C 2/19m BEZIRKSGERICHT HERMAGOR:

Todesangst Ich bin aber im ersten Stock geblieben und habe mich nicht hinunter getraut, weil ich gedacht habe es würde was passieren. Da habe ich Todesangst gehabt.

Ich hab ihn am 25. dann angerufen, nicht um mit ihm zu sprechen, sondern um zu sehen wie es meinen Kindern geht.

She didn’t want to have any contact with me!

Indeed! She was sending me messages throughout the day - and calling me but I can’t prove it – but she testified that she didn’t want to have any contact with me!

Richterin Andrea WetschnigAndrea Wetschnig KNEW about these messages that my wife was sending me throughout December 25! These messages are part of the court file 1 C 2/19m and this is how my wife in her testimony tried to justify for sending them: An dem Tag war ich noch so dumm und habe versucht irgendwie eine Lösung zu finden und habe ihm die Nachrichten wie in Beilage ./1 gesendet.

You need to be either entirely stupid or biased to accept this Todesangst fairy tale as a reality!
And this dishonourable, unethical, horrible, terrible, corrupted, and everything similar Richterin Andrea Wetschnig was biased.

The crime of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig
Part 3 - The greatest lie ever said in a court of law! - January 10, 2019

Everything you have read so far is contradicting statements that are being deduced as lies. This below is a pure lie and my wife knew that I have evidence against it. Richterin Andrea Wetschnig knew also that my wife was lying!
To which Judge can one testify lies for which one knows that the Judge is aware that one is lying?
To a dishonourable, unethical, and corrupted Judge.
To Richterin Andrea Wetschnig.
Dr. Christina Hohenwarter Sms messages

Do you remember this SMS? See the messages I had sent my wife the week before: In the red circle is the message I’ve sent to Dr. Menschik. (Dr. Menschik is the Paartherapeutin Dr. Jutta Menschik-Bendele). Paartherapeutin Dr. Bendele replied to me confirming our first appointment for February 15, 2019. the original messages I’ve exchanged with Dr. Bendele.

I forwarded her reply to my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter and asked her to confirm.

When my wife filed for divorce in October 2018, I asked her to join me in a Paartherapie to save our marriage. I started already searching for a specialist for myself for I wanted to deal with my stress after my wife announced to me on October 11 that she would divorce me.

In my research, I had found already in late October a Dutch therapist and since my Dutch is far better than my German I decided to engage her. Unfortunately, at that time she moved her practice from Klagenfurt to Vienna.

However, when my wife decided to join me in a Paartherapie, I sent an SMS to the Dutch therapist Cornelia Seidl Gevers, asking her to recommend me a Paartherapeut for me and my wife. Unfortunately, the SMS’s are in the Dutch language but you will see my message to her on November 22 and her reply the same day translated.

On the same day November 22, I informed my wife that the Dutch therapist Cornelia Seidl Gevers recommended Paartherapeutin Dr. Bendele to me. I recommended myself Paartherapeutin Dr. Bendele to Dr. Christina Hohenwarter because she speaks also English.

my message to my wife and above all see her reply!
See also in my message to my wife that Mrs. Gevers had recommended Dr. Ottomeyer, a therapist who I visited for the first time for myself on December 15, 2018, while we were still together with my wife. I visited him also after the events of December 28, 2018, when my wife called the police on me. Our last appointment was made on January 22, 2019, but the next on January 30 never took place. On January 28, Richterin Andrea Wetschnig threw me out of our house and I left for Greece.

Remember this with Dr. Ottomeyer because on October 15, 2021, when my wife had me deported from Austria she lied about this to the Fremdenpolizei as well...

Next day I called Paartherapeutin Dr. Bendele but I didn’t get an answer. And I sent her this SMS.

Who do you think that organised Paartherapeutin Dr. Menschik Bendele?

On January 16, 2019, in the court of Andrea Wetschnig I testified this when I was asked what actions I had taken to save my marriage:
Ich habe die Paartherapeutin organisiert Dr. Bendele, meine Frau hat sie zufälligerweise gekannt. Sie war dort bereits mit ihrem früheren Freund und meine Frau hat gesagt sie wäre gut und es wäre okay.
Dr. Christina.Hohenwarter This is what my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter testified on January 10, 2019, in my absence:

Page 11 court case file 1 C 2/19m BEZIRKSGERICHT HERMAGOR:

Paartherapie ist ein anderes Thema. Er ist aber anscheinend nicht fähig sich das für sich selbst zu organisieren. Er ist den ganzen Tag zuhause und hat Zeit. Ich habe dann einmal geschaut, welches Angebot es online gibt. Ich habe meinem Mann aber diesbezüglich keinen Namen genannt. Paartherapeutisch kommt aber die Dr. Bendele auf meinen Vorschlag hin.

My wife lied horribly and unethically for something that she knew I had evidence against. Yet she lied!

Imagine what she testified for events I had no evidence against!

The crime of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig
Part 4 - Another great lie in a court of law! - January 10, 2019

On January 16, 2019, Andrea Wetschnig KNEW ALL THIS YOU WILL READ BELOW!

Before August 2018, Dr. Christina Hohenwarter had lived 7 years with me in happiness. Our 200 square meters newly built home in Presseggersee has cost exactly € 667.499,35. We moved there from Faaker See in March 2018!
I have built this house and I have all expenses down to the cent.
Has Andrea Wetschnig asked my wife why has she decided to invest so much money to live together with a monster? No, she didn’t.
But she asked me on January 16, 2019, when I gave my testimony without knowing what my wife had testified 6 days earlier.

And I made an extensive report over the events that led to the downfall of our family.

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter Sms messages

My wife Christina Hohenwarter, forced me against my will to build our house in the shade of the monstrous Lake Resort Hotel in Presseggersee!

On May 15, 2017, two months before we started our works for building our house, my wife asked me to send a letter to the authorities and complain about this monstrous hotel which was planned to be built at the opposite of our plot (Grundstück). Christina Hohenwarter sent the letter to Mr. Fian in Bezirkshauptmannschaft Hermagor You can read her letter here.

Mr. Norbert Schluga, the co-owner of Lake Resort, took notice of our letter and on June 6, 2017, he sent me this WhatsApp message you see to your left, or above if you are on a mobile device, asking me to buy our plot for parking.

Immediately, I said to my wife to sell our plot because I didn’t want to spend my life watching a monstrous building while I was in one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet!
But my wife denied to sell it although I was telling her two days long that I do not want to live there!

She ignored me completely and enforced her will against mine, as she has always done throughout our life together, although herself had written the letter to the authorities complaining about this hotel.

The second mistake of Dr. Volker Tomantschger! He confirmed all above when he called Dr. Hannelore Legat on April 6, 2021!!

what he reported to Dr. Legat!

Dr. Christina.Hohenwarter

Whatever you have read above, I testified it myself on January 16, 2019, in the court of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig as the reason for our troubles after seven years of a happy life! My wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter testified only ONE sentence about it, although it was the biggest argument in our marriage, far worse than any other she testified about!

She testified:

Seit März schläft mein Mann kaum noch… Themen waren die Religion, der Hausbau und der Umstand, dass ein Hotel vor unserem Haus nachdem wir es gebaut hatten aufgestellt wurde und auch daran sei ich Schuld.

No, it was my fault because I didn’t try harder to convince her to sell the plot, as she told me on June 23, 2018, which was the reason I left for Greece for three weeks!

My wife lied AGAIN horribly and unethically for something that she knew I had evidence against. Yet she lied!

The whole story with more details and lies you can read by following this link The downfall of our family

It was the greatest argument in our marriage. On June 23, 2018, I left for Greece for three weeks. For all these my wife testified ONLY THIS SENTENCE YOU HAVE JUST READ!

Who is Dr. Christina Hohenwarter? - She lied about everything!

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter Sms messages
A woman files for a Betretungsverbot on her husband, making him a dangerous, aggressive, and violent man.
What difference does it make who organised Paartherapeutin Dr. Bendele?
None, yet my wife Christina Hohenwarter lied unethically about it.
What our sex life has to do with a Betretungsverbot?
None, yet she lied about this as well, without the Judge asking her about our sex life!!!!
She followed the advice of her lawyer only to create the impression that our relationship was inactive from her side!
See the message my wife sent me on September 3, while she was living under “Psychoterror” and "Todesangst" and while she was upstairs in our bedroom and I was downstairs watching television.
And then read here below what she testified:

Page 11 court case file 1 C 2/19m BEZIRKSGERICHT HERMAGOR:

Nach diesen 3 Wochen als ich dann wieder zurückgegangen bin (she means the three weeks she left in August), es hat auch sexuelle Kontakte zwischen uns gegeben, auf aktives Wirken von ihm hin.
She lied about everything!

And with all these lies I lost everything in my life.
Richterin Andrea Wetschnig ignored all lies of my wife and on January 28, 2019, she sent four policemen to our house in Pressegger See and threw me on the street.
I didn’t know where to go, so and I left to Athens leaving my children behind.

Who is Dr. Christina Hohenwarter? - Is this statement anywhere near to any human value?

Primaria Dr. Christina Hohenwarter

Page 7 - Court record - Sachverständige Dr. Hannelore Legat April 2021

Die Mutter berichtet, dass sie den Vater ihrer Kinder 2011 kennengelernt hat. Sie war damals 34 Jahre und hatte auch einen Kinderwunsch und hat sich gedacht, sie möchte mit dem nächsten Mann, denn sie kennenlernt Kinder haben.

I was myself surprised when I read it!

I met Dr. Christina Hohenwarter during her holidays in Santorini in August 2011 for one week. In September 2011 she came for another week. After she came back to Austria in September she called me and told me that she is pregnant and wanted to keep the child.
This was our first argument because I didn’t want a child that I had not decided for!
Eventually, I had to tell her that if she won't have the abortion, I will not come to Austria nor I will ever see her again in my life. She made the abortion and this is why I came to Austria.

Leyna Sofia and Dorian Alexander you owe me your lives 6 months before you were even conceived.

The abortion is documented by her gynaecologist in Villach, Dr. Pacher Dietmar, Klagenfurter Str 20/1/1, 9500 Villach.

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter - Sole custody because they are "My kids"

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter Sole custody
Do you remember this message?
Pay attention to who other is "more important": Not “our kids” but “my kids”!
Which is the reason that from the very beginning she files at the court for sole custody believing that our children are her children.
And to achieve sole custody she has committed, and is still committing, inhumane acts.
Andrea Wetschnig knew from the summer of 2019 that my wife was using my love for our children to stress me to sign sole custody by allowing communication on Skype with our children very rarely.
Andrea Wetschnig didn’t care!
The main tool of Christina Hohenwarter to stress me to sign sole custody was her decision against the law to let me see my children very rarely and ONLY under the supervision of B3-Netzwerk in Villach.

With emails and telephone calls, I had informed Andrea Wetschnig about this decision of Christina Hohenwarter. On March 6, 2020, I told her in her court that it is not only unethical but also illegal to force me to see our children under supervision without a valid court order.

Andrea Wetschnig didn’t care!

Perjury is not only illegal but a hideous and revolting crime and she didn't care either!!

Richterin Andrea Wetschnig removed my children from my life!

This is the law that requires a court decision for supervised meetings between parents and their children. A parent CANNOT force the other parent to see his/her children under supervision WITHOUT A COURT ORDER.

The same way Andrea Wetschnig ignored the law against perjury, she ignored also this law and allowed Christina Hohenwarter FOR ALMOST A YEAR to force me to see our children ONLY under supervision without a court order and EVERY TWO MONTHS OR MORE and only after sending her a ton of emails begging her to let me see my children.

  1. In June and July 2020, I visited several times the police and Jugendamt in Hermagor. Both Bezirksinspektor Barbara Rieder from Hermagor Police and Mag. Carmen Rieder from Jugendamt were telling me that only Richterin Andrea Wetschnig can help me.
  2. On July 7, I filed at the court of Hermagor a petition (Antrag) for my contact rights with my children.
    Andrea Wetschnig did nothing
  3. On August 4, in the context of Amtstag I visited Andrea Wetschnig asking her to intervene.
    Andrea Wetschnig did nothing
  4. On August 17, the lawyer of Christina Hohenwarter, Walter Dorn, sent a letter to my lawyer, at that time Dr. Philipp Mödritscher from Hermagor, informing me that if I want to see my children I have to pay myself the expenses of B3-Netzwerk!!!!

    Dr. Christina Hohenwarter had forced me illegally to see my children under supervision and I had to pay to see them, while I didn’t have money to eat properly! Click here to read his letter

  5. The next day August 18, was a Tuesday and I went to Hermagor to visit again in the context of Amtstag Richterin Andrea Wetschnig. I told her that not only they are forcing me to see my children under illegal supervision but they ask me to even pay for this.

    What did Andrea Wetschnig do? Andrea Wetschnig did nothing
    But she runs to do everything for Hans Hohenwarter and his daughter.

  6. I left her office and went to Gailtal-Klinik to find my wife and beg her to let me see our children.

    This was the first time I sought to meet my wife in one and a half years.

    Yet for this one time she placed criminal charges against me for stalking and got me locked up in prison!
    It is all in court file 18Hv 50/21t of Landesgericht Klagenfurt!

Walter Dorn

The same way her lawyer Walter Dorn had advised her to keep the children away from me to force me to sign sole custody, exactly the same way he had advised her to call the police if I get close to her. I knew it and this is why I never tried to be anywhere close to my wife.

What did Dr. Christina Hohenwarter do when I went to Gailtal-Klinik on August 18, 2020?

She called the police on me, who came and left because nothing had happened!

On September 2, I sent to everybody in Hermagor, including Richterin Andrea Wetschnig, an email.

Click here to read it.

This email was for Walter Dorn the “proof” that I am a “psychisch Krank” man who wants to harm my own children and I need therapy, cure, and incarceration in a psychiatric clinic!

No, it is not a joke. Two days after this email on September 4, Walter Dorn filed at the court of Hermagor a petition requesting from Andrea Wetschnig to intervene and protect the lives of Dr. Christina Hohenwarter, her parents, and her children!!!!!!!

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter - My kids love you

The first time my wife wanted to divorce me on August 2, 2018, again because I had a confrontation with her father, she sent me this message you see: The kids love and admire you!!!

This message is what I can prove! What I cannot prove is that until the end of our marriage – two days before she called the police on me on December 28, 2018 - she was telling me exactly this:

“Christos, you are not a good but a great father!”

But to win sole custody, I became a “psychisch Krank” man who wants to harm my own children and I should be locked up in a psychiatric clinic. It is the same principal as on January 10, 2019, when I became an aggressive, violent, and dangerous man only to get me out of our house in Presseggersee.

Have you seen on the Antrag the part Beweis? As Beweis Dorn understands the letter my wife sent to her patient Andrea Wetschnig the day before on September 3, saying exactly the same, asking also the assistance of Andrea Wetschnig to protect her children from their “psychisch Krank” and violent father.
It is all in the court file which is public for whoever wants to read this ugliness.

my children, filmed on October 6, 2020, a month after this “psychisch Krank” Antrag. You will see the "fear" of my children for their "mentally ill" father who wants to harm them!

On this day I paid to see my children was the third time under the supervision of B3-Netzwerk.
But the supervisor had changed.
Rupert Hornbogner was the new supervisor and the same day I met him, I reported him to Jugendamt.

This man was there only to serve the purposes of Dr. Christina Hohenwarter and her lawyer. To deliver a negative report about me to the court. And this is exactly what Rupert Hornbogner did in January 2021.

Richterin Andrea Wetschnig

This horrible woman you see in the picture, this corrupted and unethical Richterin Andrea Wetschnig KNEW ALL ABOUT IT. YET SHE ALLOWED THIS UGLINESS TO HAPPEN. Jugendamt informed this dishonourable human in writing on October 20, 2020! Read the letter Jugendamt sent to Andrea Wetschnig

The one and only decision in three years of divorce proceedings!

Rupert Hornbogner

December 28, 2020, was the last time I saw my children. For just ten minutes!
It was the 8th supervised meeting enforced on me illegally by my wife, the 6th with Hornbogner.

And I wanted to hug and kiss my children without wearing the covid face mask.
What did Hornbogner do, a man who was there for the welfare of the children?

He called my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter who authorised him to call the police on me in front of our children!

Ten minutes later, the police arrived and enforced the law.
They took my children from my hands and got me out of the B3-Netzwerk facilities in Villach.
This is the last image that her children will have from their father.
But she loves her children, doesn’t she?

Richterin Andrea Wetschnig

A few days after this event, Rupert Hornbogner – the man I had reported to Jugendamt the very first day I met him – wrote a negative report about me and filed it at the court of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig.

In the court hearing on January 8, 2021, Richterin Andrea Wetschnig accepted the report of this man, despite the letter Jugendamt had sent her already in October 2020 and on January 18, 2021, this dishonourable human Andrea Wetschnig, decided in the name of The Austrian Republic that I should be seeing my children under the supervision of B3-Netzwerk.

In my desperation of losing my children, on January 13, 2021, I sent Andrea Wetschnig an email. You can read it here!

Prison yard in Klagenfurt

Richterin Andrea Wetschnig knew that I wouldn’t see my children again under supervision and I would prefer to go to jail. I had told her this loud and clear in her court on January 8, and this is why she wrote it also in the protocol of the hearing.

Five months later, Andrea Wetschnig issued an injunction (Einstweilige Verfügung) because of this website and I ended up in the place I had told her that I would prefer to go… In Klagenfurt’s jail.

How I ended up in jail comes below… Everything you will read below happened in the name of The Austrian Republic. It happened in YOUR NAME.

Richterin Andrea Wetschnig is a criminal.

They locked me in JAIL because I love my children and didn’t want to lose them!!!!!!!!!

Rupert Hornbogner
On January 4, 2021, four days before the hearing in Hermagor, I sent to my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter yet another email, trying to reason with her for the sake of our children.

Click here to read it.

For this and similar emails, Dr. Christina Hohenwarter locked the father of her children in jail for “online stalking”!

This email had the same effect as any other email or text message I had sent her trying to reason with her: Absolutely NONE.

which I had sent to my wife already in May and June 2020, before I come to Austria again for the hearing on June 16, 2020!
You will see how long I was trying to reason with my wife for the sake of our children.
When this dishonourable Richterin Andrea Wetschnig decided that I would see my children only under the supervision of B3-Netzwerk, I denied it, as I had told her in her court already on January 8, 2021.
I denied even speaking with my children on Skype.
Mag. Carmen Rieder from Jugendamt Hermagor, called me a couple of times trying to convince me to change my mind for the sake of my children. I told her exactly this: “What I am doing, I am doing it for my children. My children do not deserve a father who bends over to injustice and humiliations without fighting against.

My wife, the highly educated Primaria in Gailtal-Klinik Dr. Christina Hohenwarter, has never wanted that her children lose contact with me. But she wanted sole custody.

But when she was paying thousands of euros to her lawyer, this awful man Walter Dorn, she was following the advice of a man who wanted to win a case and did not care for her children or anything else at all.

Can I prove all this? Of course I can, as I can prove everything else! Look at the screenshot of the Skype application.
Throughout February and March my wife was sending me messages and was calling me on Skype!!!
Is this a behaviour of a woman who wants to cut off her children from their father?
When I saw these messages on March 17, I got so frustrated that I bulit a website and, after warning her three times that I will publish it, eventually on March 29, I published the website on the Internet, sending an email to Richterin Andrea Wetschnig and everybody else I could think of.
Click here to read the email I sent to this dishonourable human with which I published the website.
  1. For two and a half years this dishonourable, corrupted, unethical, and everything similar human, did absolutely nothing with all my requests to maintain contact with my children, let alone with my Antrag for Unterhalt! I live with borrowed money for three years, working here and there to support myself.
  2. How long do you think that it took her to issue an injunction (Einstweilige Verfügung) ordering me to remove the website from the Internet?
  3. How long do you think that it took her to arrange a hearing in her court for the civil charges of € 20.000,00 my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter placed against me for using videos, pictures, and text messages on the Internet without her permission?
  4. It took her ONLY TEN DAYS!!!!!
  5. Click here to read the Einstweilige Verfügung for the website, issued on April 9 JUST 10 days later

    And click here to read the Ladung for the € 20.000,00 for May 20, issued on April 9 JUST 10 days later

  6. For my right to see my children or at least to tell them goodnight THIS DISHONOURABLE CREATURE ANDREA WETSCHNIG DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!!!!!

Judge Christian Liebhauser-Karl - Public Prosecutor Bettina Dumpelnik - Judge Dietmar Wassertheurer

Rupert Hornbogner
Ten days later on April 9, 2021, Richterin Andrea Wetschnig issued an injunction (Einstweilige Verfügung) to remove the website or I go to prison.
I removed the website because prison was not something I wanted to experience in my life.
But on June 10, 2021, my lawyer Dr. Karl Heinz Kramer send me a letter informing me that Andrea Wetschnig had arranged four weeks of neurological rehabilitation in Gailtal-Klinik where my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter is the Primaria of the clinic and will lead the medical team that will treat Andrea Wetschnig!

Click here to read his letter.

When I read the letter of my lawyer, immediately I put the website back online, caring not whether I would go to hell, let alone in prison!
The lawyer of my wife, this awful man Walter Dorn, had already placed criminal and civil charges against me in every court in Kärnten! Civil charges for € 20.000,00 in the court of dishonourable Richterin Andrea Wetschnig in Hermagor claimed by my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter, criminal charges in the court of Klagenfurt, and more civil charges for € 15.000 for the father of my wife Hans Hohenwarter, her mother Maria Hohenwarter, and her brother Hannes Hohenwarter in the court in Villach. € 5.000,00 per person, altogether less than my wife's € 20.000,00!
Public Prosecutor Bettina Dumpelnik approved the charges and a court hearing was set for June 21, 2021, in the Regional Court of Klagenfurt.
On June 21, I arrived half an hour earlier at the court and went to have a coffee at the cafeteria opposite the court.
Five minutes later a “couple” arrived and ordered their coffee three tables away from me.

The moment I saw the "couple", I realised that I would end up in jail!

Which is exactly the reason I took the picture – two pictures actually which you can see here

The “independent” Public Prosecutor Bettina Dumpelnik, who placed the charges against me, came to have a coffee and discuss her business day ahead together with the “independent” Judge Liebhauser who in his courtroom would decide whether the charges placed by the “independent” Public Prosecutor Bettina Dumpelnik were “sound and solid”…

I didn’t have a lawyer and in the courtroom Liebhauser turned the main hearing into an interrogation (“Vernehmung”), where the presence of a lawyer is not required by law.
He asked me why I operate the website despite the injunction of Richterin Andrea Wetschnig.
I answered that it is my fundamental human right to seek justice and defend myself against false accusations.

Liebhauser had obviously a different opinion of how justice is being served. In his eyes the word of a prominent member of the society, as my Primaria in Gailtal-Klinik Dr. Christina Hohenwarter is, does not need to be verified. It is evidence on its own right!

He let me go on and four days later on June 25, 2021, he issued an arrest warrant and I was arrested in my workplace in Villach.

The police of Hermagor, who all know the truth, did me a favour on June 25, and I would like to thank them for this. To minimize my stress, they sent the policeman Herr Sundolf Jost to arrest me, a man that everyone in the police station in Hermagor knows that I respect. I thanked Herr Jost myself when he handcuffed me and I told him how much I appreciated for sending him to arrest me.
Judge Dietmar Wassertheurer

The man you see in the picture is Judge Dietmar Wassertheurer.

While in prison, I used every possible way to be outside my cell where I was locked for 23 hours per day!

I requested therefore to access the court file with which I was locked like a criminal in prison.

The court file in the Regional Court of Klagenfurt has the number 18Hv 50/21t and I spent two hours reading it.

My case was first assigned to Judge Dietmar Wassertheurer but he filed a rejection application because he is good friends with the father of my wife Hans Hohenwarter and also plaintiff in the case against me!!!!!!! He excluded himself from the case and passed it on to his friend Liebhauser with the tip to destroy me…

123 days imprisoned in “Justizanstalt Klagenfurt”
Welcome to the “Gulag” of Klagenfurt was the way the other inmates welcomed me…

Judge Matthias Polak
The day after my arrest this man you see in the picture, Judge Matthias Polak, was the “Habeas Corpus” Judge - Haftprüfung. He would decide whether I would go free or stay imprisoned until the date that the main hearing for my case would be set.
Throughout my life I meet people who walk all over their intelligence, if they have any. Mostly these people represent the establishment. Matthias was no exception. This below is part of our interview this afternoon on June 26, 2021:
  1. “You are in preventive custody for otherwise you will keep committing the crimes you are charged with”
  2. “But Judge Liebhauser who arrested me knew that the website is online, which is the reason he arrested me, as you told me before. I am the only person on earth who can remove the website from the Internet. Let me go today and I will remove the site the moment I get home”
  3. ....... He didn’t answer…
Matthias kept me in prison to make sure that I would not put online the website, which was already online, and the only person on earth who could and wanted to remove it from the Internet to avoid this awful experience of prison was locked in a tiny cell with a child sex abuser!

It makes sense, does it not, Matthias?

Note for you Matthias: do you remember that I told you this day during our interview that I am sharing my cell with this animal who got arrested the same day as I did and I was begging you to let me go?? Click here to read the story which I had to hear face to face from his filthy mouth!

His name is Reinhold Reiter and I didn’t have to read the court files that were flying on the table while he was sleeping! He told me everything himself and I got so sick because my daughter is the same age as his stepdaughter he abused together with his wife, who was the mother of the child!
You locked me in prison, Matthias, and I was spending 23 hours a day in a small cell with this animal for 5 whole days!

This below is another part of our interview:
  1. “Mr. Nanouris, you cannot publish in the Internet private messages of your wife, like the one about your sex life”
  2. “This is correct but this and all other messages, videos, and pictures are proving that my wife lied under oath in a court of law and with these lies, she destroyed me completely and above all she removed my little children from my life!
  3. "Yes, but it is still illegal what you have done” His reply in German was this: „Es kann sein aber es ist noch immer illegal was Sie getan haben.“
  4. "And what about the perjury of my wife? Is this not illegal?"
  5. ....... He didn’t answer…

What about her, Matthias? Is perjury legal in Austria?

Click here to see the sex message again, Matthias!

In the file 18Hv 50/21t and in the section evidence “Beweismaterial” are my emails with which I was asking my wife to let me see or at least speak to my children and a printout of my website with the evidence of my wife’s perjury.
All of it is in English while the law requires all evidence to be in the German language.

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter had illegally and unethically kept our children away from me, forcing me illegally and unethically to see them under supervision.
Nothing of it matters.

But my emails to her to let me say at least goodnight to our children, was the evidence Liebhauser needed to lock me in prison.

The website with the evidence against the perjury of Dr. Christina Hohenwarter, was for Liebhauser the “evidence” to lock me in prison, where I was locked for four months together with criminals who were calling me Bruder!

There is also something else in the file 18Hv 50/21t: the Public Prosecutor had contacted Andrea Wetschnig asking her to also place charges against me. Andrea Wetschnig reported back that after she read thoroughly and carefully the website, she didn’t find anything illegal in it in order to place charges against me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decribed in the website a court of The Austrian Republic as a theatre in which the presiding Judge is not even a good actor to impersonate a real Judge and the nicest of everything I said about Andrea Wetschnig was that she is a worthless humanoid.

Yet this horrible criminal found nothing illegal in it.

October 27, 2021. Deportation as a common criminal. I will never again see my children!

Deportation from Austria

On October 25, 2021, I was released from the prison in Klagenfurt only to be arrested again by the Fremdenpolizei! They brought me to another prison in Vienna (I believe it was Justizanstalt Wien-Simmering) where I stayed two days.

Two days later, four policemen escorted me all the way to Athens with a flight of Austrian Airlines. When I asked the leading officer why 4 people should escort one man, he answered that in the report was stated that I am very dangerous, a threat to the public order!!!!!!

When I arrived in Athens, I read this myself in the deportation document!

this part of the deportation decision (Abschiebungsentscheidung) where it states all the above.

Dr. Christina Hohenwarter Sms messages

October 15, 2021, almost three years later the same lies and new ones that contradict the old!

To make sure that I will be deported from Austria and her children will never again see their father!

Do you remember this message with which I informed my wife that the Dutch therapist recommended Paartherapeutin Dr. Bendele to me for Paartherapie?
The same Dutch therapist, who had recommended to me Dr. Ottomeyer, the therapist with whom I’ve had already a session when I was still together with my wife on December 15, 2018, and another two sessions after the events on December 28, 2018? And that I would have continued but our appointment for January 30, 2019, never took place because Richterin Andrea Wetschnig threw me out of our house and I left for Athens?

with which I informed my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter that I arranged an appointment with Paartherapeutin Dr. Bendele for February 15, 2019?

Our argument on December 28, 2018, was that my wife wanted to go with her mother to the wellness resort in Tuffbad and I was trying to convince her not to destroy our family again, as she had done in August and October and go with me to the wellness resort. I do not have to prove it. My wife testified this in the court of Andrea Wetschnig and it is in the protocol of Andrea Wetschnig’s catastrophic decision. Page 7 court case file 1 C 2/19m BEZIRKSGERICHT HERMAGOR:

Almost three years later, on October 15, 2021, and while I was imprisoned, my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter testified this to the Bundesamt für Fremdenwesen und Asyl:

“Ein Zusammenleben wäre aufgrund seines aggressiven, furchteinflößenden und uneinsichtigen Verhaltens - auch nach zahlreichen Versuchen (Paartherapie, Organisation eines Wellnessurlaubes, Anregung für ein psychologische Behandlung) Ihrerseits, Herr Nanouris zur Vernunft zu bringen - nicht mehr möglich.”

from the original Abschiebungsentscheidung.

Blasi Adir

The system, establishment, or whatever else you may want to call it, is nothing more than one human who takes decisions in the name of all of us. In our name.

This human in most of the cases – and not only in Austria - has an intelligence comparable with the intelligence of a "trained monkey" or even worse!

In Bundesamt für Fremdenwesen und Asyl this trained monkey, who took the atrocious decision to separate a father from his children, has a name and her name is Blasi Adir.

The reason that I was locked in jail in the first place, was because my wife Christina Hohenwarter did not allow me to contact my children.
Yet Blasi Adir justified her atrocious decision by saying that my children did not contact me during the time I was imprisoned and therefore there is no reason for me to stay in Austria!!!

the part of her decision saying exactly that!

In this part you will also see as a reason for my deportation the event on December 28, 2020, when Rupert Hornbogner called the police on me because I wanted to hug and kiss my children without wearing a covid face mask. This “crime” makes me a danger for the public order!!!

The only place on planet earth that I would NOT put this website back online was Austria because only in Austria Liebhauser could arrest me again.

Yet, the trained monkey decided that if I had stayed in Austria, I would have continued my “illegal” activities, which are “computer crimes through the Internet”.

The trained monkey separated a father from his children because it believes that in Greece we have neither computers nor Internet!

The epilogue of the trained monkey!

Worthlessness on an official document, with which the trained monkey separated a father from his children by police force!

Es wurde bereits Ende 2018 vom Bezirksgericht Hermagor ein Betretungsverbot gegen Herrn Nanouris ausgesprochen und musste zuletzt ein weiteres mit 09.04.2021 erlassen werden, welches nach wie vor aufrecht ist.

Blasi Adir

There is no Betretungsverbot vom Bezirksgericht Hermagor at the end of 2018. The trained monkey confused the Betretungsverbot the police placed on me Ende 2018 and which was lifted (aufgehoben) by Mag. Patrik Zenaty from Bezirkshauptmannschaft Hermagor.
There is no Betretungsverbot on April 9, 2021. The trained monkey “created” from the injunction (Einstweilige Verfügung) of dishonourable Richterin Andrea Wetschnig about the website a “Betretungsverbot”, welches nach wie vor aufrecht ist.

More worthlessness in the same sentence:

From the family of my parents, I have a brother in Santorini and a sister in Athens.
From my family, I have two children in Pressegger See!

But the trained monkey says:

“Die Familie von Herrn Nanouris würde sich in Griechenland (Athen und Santorin) aufhalten, in Österreich hätte er keine Verwandten und auch sonst keinerlei besonders schützenswerte Bindungen.

Do you have children, trained monkey? If you have, they must take them away from you because you obviously believe that your children are not schützenswerte Bindungen!!!

this worthlessness from the Abschiebungsentscheidung!