"November 2018 story": Try to understand this!!!

This below is one of the stories that prove the statement of Dr. Volker Tomantschger about Dr. Christina Hohenwarter’s father. Volker is the only one who made the “mistake” to say the truth in a court record:

Dr. Volker Tomantschger

Natürlich war es auch so, dass die Eltern ihr immer wieder vermittelt haben, dass sie denken, dass diese Beziehung nicht gut ist.

This is what I can prove and Volker's statement is in the report of Dr. Hannelore Legat, the specialist (Sachverständige) assigned by the court.
What I cannot prove is what Dr. Christina Hohenwarter had told me already in 2011, before her father had even met me:

“my father has never liked any of my men in my life”

On December 28, 2018, in a telephone conversation my wife’s father Hans Hohenwarter advised his daughter Dr. Christina Hohenwarter to call the police on me. I know this because I was there! To the police she reported this day that from August until December 2018 she was living under ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror". This below is from the police report on December 28, 2018:

"Ich bin im August 2018 schon einmal zu meinen Eltern gezogen, da mein Mann aggressiv gegenüber mir und meiner Freundin SCHNABL Daniela geworden ist. Die Kinder waren dabei verstört. Ich war dann mindestens 3-4 Wochen mit den Kindern bei meinen Eltern in Jenig. Danach beruhigte sich die Situation wieder und wir gingen zurück in unser Haus. In weiterer Folge kam es aber immer wieder zu ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror"."

On August 2, 2018, we have had an argument because my wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter cancelled our scheduled trip to Greece because her father did not want that I drive to Greece with my children!!!! In his eyes was dangerous and of course I had to obey Hans Hohenwarter!

, filmed on July 29, just three days before our argument about her father. This is how we were living our lives almost every day!

She came back home from her parents on August 21 and the ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror" started immediately! In weiterer Folge kam es aber immer wieder zu ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror".

Watch this video on your left, if on a desktop, or above, if on mobile, to see the ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror".

After October 17, at home our life continued as usual, that means by having fun, as you have just seen in this video of August 26! On October 30, 2018, that is just two weeks after Dr. Christina Hohenwarter visited her lawyer to file for divorce, I filmed this video,
In this video, you see a woman who two weeks earlier visited her lawyer Dr. Michor to file for divorce. And above all, as per her testimony on January 10, 2019, and all documents she files in several courts ever since this date, she was living with a very dangerous, aggressive, violent man, under ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror"!
This is now the unbelievable part that no one has yet understood!

This video, on your left, or above if on a mobile device, filmed on November 4, was even better! She was dancing even on the bar of the kitchen having fun with me and our children, AS ALWAYS, living, however, under ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror" since August, as per her false testimony in a court of law on January 10, 2019!

Three days later on November 7, she transfers € 1200 to her lawyer for the divorce!!!!!

The next day November 8, her lawyer Dr. Michor filed for divorce and on November 19, I received the summons (Ladung) for the hearing in the court of Hermagor for January 9.
The Ladung can be read by clicking here. (Richterin Andrea Wetschnig would preside the hearing!)

The very next day on November 20, 2018, Dr. Christina Hohenwarter sent me a text message from Gailtal-Klinik saying:

“I don’t want a divorce now.
I want to work on our relationship”!!!!!

sent a week later on November 28! "No one is more important than you or my kids" and plenty of hearts and love!!!!!!!

On December 19, 2018, Dr. Christina Hohenwarter advised her lawyer Dr. Michor to officially cancel the divorce proceedings!!!!!!

Obviously, she enjoyed living with a monster who terrorised her!!

It does make sense, does it not?

Note: Richterin Andrea Wetschnig knew all of it because she was the judge who received the petition for divorce on November 8 and the petition to cancel it on December 19! Yet she “believed” that Dr. Christina Hohenwarter was living under ausufernder "Aggressivität" und "Psychoterror" for six whole months!

Birth of a monster

A week later on December 28, Dr. Christina Hohenwarter called the police on me and just two weeks later on January 10, 2019, in a court of law the same lawyer advised my wife to make a monster out of me in order to get me out of our house in Presseggersee.

And Christina Hohenwarter did make a monster out of her husband and father of her children. And to win sole custody, two and a half years later Dr. Christina Hohenwarter made a “mentally ill" (“psychisch Krank”) man out of me that I want to harm my own children and eventually she locked me in jail!

Who can understand this story ????

Nothing in this story is my imagination or lies as hers!
It is videos, pictures, and messages which reflect reality!

What does this story mean?

Does it mean she was living under ausufernder "Psychoterror" and "Todesangst", as she testified in court?
Or does it mean that her decision to divorce me and destroy her family, and eventually my life, was not her own decision but her father's ???